Tarland needs more homes…

…and who better to develop them than the community that needs them most!

Tarland Community Housing Group was set up to help get affordable, low-carbon homes built in Tarland that meet local housing need.

We’re a group of local people who see this as an essential part of keeping Tarland and the surrounding Howe of Cromar the thriving, wonderful place that it is to live.


The group was originally set up by a few like minded locals who, for a number of years, have been exploring how to build homes on a piece of land called the ‘Village Farm‘ site, owned by the MacRobert Trust. This land has been earmarked for new homes since 2007, and even has planning permission for 36 houses.

Although it seems ideal, a combination of really poor ground conditions and high infrastructure costs mean the group can’t secure enough funding to be able to build here, but we’re not letting that stop us!

Aerial view overlooking the Village Farm site (Photo courtesy of Richard Humpidge, RSPB)

There are several other pieces of ground around Tarland that might be suitable to build affordable homes on. We’re looking in detail at one of these, which has potential to build up to ten homes, and we would like to know what you think about it.

To get involved, simply email us, or fill out this online form.

Check back here regularly for updates – and make sure you’re connected to our Facebook and Instagram pages.

(Homepage image: View from The Slack over the Howe of Cromar. Photographer: James Dyas Davidson)

Tarland Community Housing Group

Running something like a community-led housing project takes the ideas, energy and determination of lots of people from in and around Tarland.

To pull all the right people into one place we’re setting up a SCIO (a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation). This is a legal structure that allows us to do things like buy land, apply for funding, pay people for advice and to carry out work – all the things necessary for a community-led housing project.

The SCIO has Trustees (who take on a wee bit of responsibility) and Members (who vote in the Trustees and have the biggest say in what they want the housing to look like).

Benefits of Becoming a Tarland Community Housing Member (TCH):

  • You are kept informed of, and help shape, the plans and future developments of the TCH project;
  • Help secure Tarland’s future and to live in a sustainable rural community;
  • You can attend our AGM and have input into making changes to constitution as well as electing Board Members;
  • Help communicate the project to a wider community audience and support recruitment of new members.;
  • Feel part of the development of our community, learn new skills and meet new people and have fun!

We also have an Advisory Group made up of wise folk from organisations including the MacRobert Trust, Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action (AVA), Aberdeenshire Council’s housing and community support departments and Tarland Development Group.

Sounds like we’re sorted, right? The truth is that the project relies on support from a wide range of community members – including individuals, businesses and local groups. The easiest way to show your support is by becoming a Member of Tarland Community Housing, which is free.

Becoming a Member or Trustee is free and easy. Simply email us or fill out this online form.

Meet our Trustees!

Chairperson: Annie McKee “I have lived in and around Tarland since 2012, drawn to the village due to its fantastic community spirit. I am a social researcher at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen, where my research focuses on the issues that affect rural communities and landownership in Scotland. In my freetime, I am currently the convenor of Rural Housing Scotland, a national charity that supports community-led affordable housing across rural Scotland. I also love being a member of Tarland Community Garden and the Tarland Food and Music Festival steering group. It is a privilege to work with my friends and neighbours to support Tarland to meet it’s housing needs.”

Secretary: Aileen Longino “I love living and working in and around Tarland. My background is in Business and Marketing and I am a Development Officer for Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action working with community groups and organisations across Aberdeenshire. In my spare time I enjoy gardening and run another charity young@heart deeside for older people in rural communities. I have lived in Tarland since 2003 and been involved with Tarland Community Housing since 2018 and I am delighted to volunteer to be a Board Trustee of Tarland Community Housing.”

Treasurer: Mike McMillan “I’m a retired solicitor from Strachan and have been involved in a large number of housing projects throughout my career. As well as volunteering as a board member for Tarland Community Housing I am also treasurer for Finzean Village Hall. When I’m not busy with one of these I enjoy golf, sailing and gardening.”

(Page photograph: Dan Christie)

TCH Interns

Isla Kennedy and Bee Stuart are with us for 10 weeks to help with our Housing Needs Survey 2022

Project updates

New website for the Tarland Community Housing project!

We’re REALLY excited to have a website for the project! Before we get all gushy, the biggest thanks need to go to Dave Ellis, website setter-upperer and Tarland supremo of all things related to the internet. Next biggest thanks go to Dan Christie, James Dyas Davidson and Anke Addy – all local photographers whose beautiful …

Contact us

We want your thoughts and ideas about the project – no holds barred – so that it meets as many needs as possible.

We especially want to hear from you if you’d like to volunteer a wee bit of your time to become a Member or Trustee and help get low-carbon, affordable housing built in Tarland.

You can contact us easily by emailing us

If you would like to become a Member or Trustee you can fill out this online form.